Everything else, we do right here

We’re really committed to our local economy, but not (just) for the feel good reason you might think. We do it because it makes our products better. By designing our full line of mobile accessories in our office in Philadelphia, then manufacturing the actual them in the exact same building, we have total control over the quality of our innovative Clear-Coat and StyleSkins products.

When it comes to raw materials that we don’t make ourselves, like retail packaging, we first look in our own backyard to see who’s making items we can use. Using products from companies who are within a couple hundred miles from us, we visit these factories to check in on quality so we can deliver the best possible product made from companies who understand our core values and mission. These vendors, since they’re so close, also visit us regularly and get to see how we operate so we can find new ways to improve our product together.

Of course there’s an economic and environmental benefit as well. Most of the vendors we source from are small or mid-sized companies that do not outsource labor, so our partnership goes directly to putting people to work – and we really love that. When the materials are ready, it only has to go a couple hundred miles (sometimes much less) to reach us.

This isn’t about building positive PR, and it isn’t about being a “green company”. While those are amazing benefits, for us it boils down to common sense. We get higher quality products, faster, using less fuel, and employ more local people.