What are the different types of Clear-Coat?

Our flagship Clear-Coat products protect not just the screen, but the entire device including back, sides and front for invisible, bulk-free protection.

  • Clear-Coat Original was our first product — an ultra-clear protective film utilizing patented technology that wraps around the entire device without adding the bulk, featuring military grade scratch protection, HD clarity and self-healing technology.
  • Clear-Coat Matte features all characteristics of Clear-Coat Original with added anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology.
  • Clear-Coat Fusion impact screen protector is a one-of-a-kind product with patented TriACTIVE™ technology, built to protect from impact.

What is Clear-Coat made of?

Clear-Coat is made from military-grade polyurethane film, a clear and scratch-resistant material measuring less than 1/100th of an inch thick with an adhesive backing. Urethane films are used on cars, airplanes and boats to prevent damage from rocks, sand and wear & tear.

Will Clear-Coat hurt my device?

Quite the contrary! We made Clear-Coat so that it would be able to protect your devices from just about anything. The adhesive we use is semi-permanent, meaning it’s difficult to remove by accident, but easy to remove if you wish, keeping your gear safe!

Does Clear-Coat make my device waterproof?

No, unfortunately, it does not. Water can still get in the seams — while Clear-Coat covers much of your phone, it is impossible to cover 100% of a device, and all its seams.

How long does Clear-Coat last?

Clear-Coat will last up to a year for smartphone with normal usage, and 2-3 years for tablets and notebooks.

Does Clear-Coat Hide Old Scratches?

Yes, Clear-Coat will help hide those old scratches! It’s never too late, not matter how used your phone is. Your phone is only going to get worse, so why not hide the old scratches and prevent new ones with Clear-Coat?

Does Clear-Coat Hide Fingerprints?

Yes! Phones show grease, smudges and fingerprints easily. Clear-Coat is resistant to them, and will helps keep your phone looking new all the time. Stop constantly wiping your phone on your shirt to clean it, and start preventing fingerprints with Clear-Coat!

Where is Clear-Coat Made?

Clear-Coat is hand-made in the US. Each and every piece is designed, manufactured, assembled, inspected and shipped by a team member in our Philadelphia, PA facility.

Why don't you have a Clear-Coat for my product?

Don’t worry! We can design a Clear-Coat for virtually anything. If you don’t see your product offered in our catalog, you can request a design. Head on over to the product request form to submit your model.

Will Clear-Coat change the look and feel of my device?

At 1/100th of an inch thick most people can’t even see it once it’s applied! Check out our picture gallery to see Clear-Coat on different devices for yourself.

How can I clean my Clear-Coat after it's installed?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol (nothing more than 70% concentrate). If you don’t have any available, you can use any glass cleaner or non-streaking cleaning fluid. Spray the cleaner onto a paper towel or microfiber cloth and wipe the Clear-Coat clean.

Does Clear-Coat works with hard cases?

Clear-Coat works great with cases. Why have both? Your case traps dirt, sand and dust inside, causing damage to your phone every time you take it off. Clear-Coat keeps your phone looking good as new.

What does “self-healing” mean?

This means the film is capable of healing fine scratches and swirl marks simply by warm temperatures. Protecting your devices with a protection film has many benefits. It will help maintain factory finish and help the resale value.

What is Fusion made of?

Fusion impact screen protector is our patented film that consists of three layers of unique impact resistant materials.

Does Fusion cover the curves?

Unlike our Clear-Coat Original and Matte films, our Fusion impact screen protector does not cover the curves — it’s made thicker for better protection and has to stay flat against the surface.